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River Trading Post is all about people. And, we have stories to tell.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

Nez Perce Outfit Goes Back Home

A classic Nez Perce ensemble that became a part of our River Trading

Post Collection found its way back to the original Nez Perce family (who

were descendents of Chief Joseph. A very happy family reunion for the

family and for all of us at River Trading Post.

From A Trunk In London to Helping a Family

A very rare Pueblo weaving was brought to us in Scottsdale just to look

at, and perhaps to buy for a couple of hundred dollars. It had been stored

in a trunk in London England for many, many years. We said, “Hold on

a minute.” We facilitated the sale of this weaving and provided a return

of many thousands of dollars to the family. A great ending for us and for

the family.

The Healing Dress Passes From One

Cancer Victim to Another

This very special

Healing Dress

was passed from one cancer

victim to another via River Trading Post. While the donor is

cancer free, the recipient of the

Healing Dress

, and a great

friend of ours, has passed on. A very sad moment for all of

us at River Trading Post.

Arts of Native America

River Trading Post

314 N. River Street

Dundee, Illinois 60118


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Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


7033 E. Main Street

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251


Nez Perce Ensemble

Goes Home

River Trading Post

facilitated the sale of

this rare Pueblo weav-

ing to the benefit of an

entire family

The Ultimate Hat

During 10 years you never know

what you might find high upon a

dusty shelf. Like this great old

Chief’s hat that we found at Tohono

O’odham. We paid a small fortune

for this dusty old classic, to the

shock of the lady at Tohono

O’odham. She wondered just what

we would do with that dusty old


We had this great old Chief’s Hat for

one day before it found a new home

in Wisconsin.