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Phone: 866-426-6901

314 N. River Street

East Dundee, IL 60118

Arts of Native America












work from years past. (We also

happen to love the old and the

new, and that is why we are

one of the few galleries to fea-

ture the great old pieces along

side top contemporary work.)

Pottery and Jewelry Top

Collector Favorites

Ease of display, and wear abil-

ity make pottery and jewelry

the top choices of collectors in

our poll. It doesn’t take a lot of

space to create a great collec-

tion in either of these catego-


Collectors Look To Media for


American Indian Art

leads the

way for collectors to become

informed, particularly with

As an American Indian Art

collector, we thought you

would be interested in the

thoughts and favorites of other


We conduct our own on-going

poll among collectors so that

we can even better for you. (See

left for our 2-year poll high-


Here is what we have


People Love A Mix of Old and


Most collectors love a blend of

great vintage and antique pieces

along with fine contemporary

work because this kind of a

collection makes a connection

between today’s art and the

respect to the great old pieces.

Native People’s Magazine

is a

distant second, but provides

information about contempo-

rary art and artists that is of

great value to collectors.

Be Informed, Collect What

You Love

Loving what you collect, and

being informed about what you

collect are the two most impor-

tant ingredients to your success-

ful collection of American In-

dian art.

And, let us know what you love

by participating in the ongoing

poll on our website. You will

see instant, updated results

based on your choices.

When it comes to collecting American Indian

Art, I prefer:

Contemporary work by top artists - 19%

The old stuff, antiquities - 17%

As long is it is good, I go for either -


The American Indian Art that I love most to

collect is:

Pueblo Pottery - 28%

Jewelry - 27%

Navajo Weavings - 15%

Hopi Kachina Dolls - 15%

Plains Indian Art/Beadwork - 15%

My favorite source for information is:

American Indian Art Magazine -34%

Native People’s Magazine - 22%

NMAI (Smithsonian Magazine) - 10%

Cowboys and Indians Magazine - 10%