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she replied, “It is $1250.00 but we are

having an 80 percent off



your price is $250.00.”

I have sold this man’s work for

years. His jewelry is also sold at some

of the top galleries in the country.

This beautiful small pendent should

sell for about $250.00!

Believe me, you don’t own a store

in Santa Fe, La Jolla, Sioux City, Big

Fork or Durango and pay for your

rent, utilities, taxes, payroll, insur-

ance, upkeep, supplies, travel, adver-

tising and all the other things you

have to pay for, and survive very long

if you sell at huge discounts.

Ask yourself this: "If the place I am

buying this piece from is willing to tell

me it is worth five times more than it

really is worth, what else are they

willing to tell me to sell me some-


Here are the rules: Buy from peo-

ple who are well established and are

members of the

Indian Arts and

Crafts Association

, the


Tribal Arts Dealers Association



Better Business Bureau

or other

established organizations. If you are

shopping while on vacation, ask

locals who they recommend. Be

certain to get a receipt and a guar-

antee of authenticity.

There is no law against selling

something for more that it is worth,

so, if you don’t know or trust the

dealer you are working with, do

your research. Of course, there are

real reasons that a good store some-

times puts items on sale, but it

won’t last for 365 days a year!

The bottom line is to work with

galleries and stores that you can


If it is too good to be true, it gen-

erally is.

Great Holiday Gift Ideas From River Trading Post

There is nothing like a work of original American Art as a way to make

a gift statement during the holiday season. Especially if it is the very

original American art...American Indian Art.

Perhaps a Pendleton blanket created especially for the American Indian

College Fund, a finely woven Navajo textile, or a Hopi kachina doll

from high up on the arid Arizona mesas.

Visit our galleries in Scottsdale and Chicagoland, or visit our website to

discover hundreds of beautiful gift ideas that fit your budget and will

exceed the expectations of anyone that receives your special gift of au-

thentic American Indian Art..