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Touching base with the roots of North America is an amazingly great way for you to add a touch of beau-

ty to your home. Whether a beautiful accent piece, a man-cave, or a much larger area in your home, a

beautiful work of original American Indian is as spectacular as the finest piece of artwork from anywhere

in the world. It adds beauty to any home, from Prairie style through Early American, to Contemporary,

including Southwest décor, with which American Indian art

generally is associated.

Each piece of American Indian art is an investment in a vital culture,

and is a unique connection with American history that we grow

further away from with each passing day.

Mixing and matching the contemporary with the vintage and works

from many different tribal groups provides an exceptionally

interesting display throughout your home.

Some Wonderful Decorating Ideas for Your Home

An authentic Navajo weaving

makes a beautiful statement, whether

used on the floor (these are very durable) or displayed on a wall.

Either way, a Navajo weaving adds an accent and creates a unique

comfort to any home style.


such as a vintage Sioux pipe bag, or a set of ruby moccasins

take little space. The beadwork in these old pieces draws you to this

vintage art each and every time you, or your guests pass by.

American Indian pottery

makes a statement while taking little space to

display. On a small shelf, or desktop, an authentic piece of Ameri-

can Indian pottery provides rewards to you each time you see it.

Wall art

makes a bold statement in our environment. It is not subtle

and can use a lot of space. But it is beautiful and if American Indi-

an art is your main thing, go for a great piece.

Envision the possibilities.

A vintage Apache basket, or a wonderful and unusual piece of historic beadwork,

like a beaded child’s bonnet, can make any home more comfortable, attractive and astounding...especially

for you.

A caveat. Purchasing


American Indian art, contemporary or vintage, can be costly, like any other fine art. Think of it as an

investment in your very own joy and appreciation.