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relationships to the Hopi.

Hopi is divided into three re-

gions: First Mesa, Second Me-

sa and Third Mesa. While lan-

guage, customs and traditions

are similar from mesa to mesa,

each conducts its own ceremo-

nies and has cultural features

that are totally unique from one


Many of the villages stand 300

feet above the valley below and

provide awesome vistas of the

sky and distant horizons.

Visitors to Hopi have the op-

portunity to take walking tours

in some of the villages, be

astounded by the beautiful pot-

tery created there, and of course

enjoy meeting kachina doll

carvers practicing their craft.

A bit more than an hours drive

from Flagstaff, Arizona, you

will discover the world of Hopi

situated atop three very high

mesas, and villages that date

back to 1150 AD.

Hopi land covers just over

2,400 sq. miles with a popula-

tion of just under 10,000.

These old villages have mod-

ernized to some degree, but one

village has no electricity or run-

ning water to this day. These

old places are all living villages.

The Hopi are a matrilineal soci-

ety that is organized by clan-

ships. Clan membership estab-

lishes a person’s station and

responsibility to the Hopi socie-

ty, and these relationships are

more significant than blood

If you visit the mesas at the

right time, you might be lucky

enough to see one of the beauti-

ful and colorful social ceremo-

nies in one of the village plazas.


Note: Cameras are not permitted

at Hopi. And absolute respect for

the Hopi culture is a must.)

In all of Native America, noth-

ing compares to Hopi. Indeed,

it can reshape the perspective

on things your see around you

every day.

Visit the website

to learn

more about the endless possi-

bilities of a Hopi visit.


One of our favorite places.

Arts of Native America

Ancient villages stand atop the

three mesas of Hopi