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One year ago, we reported about an upheav-

al at SWAIA (Southwestern Association for

Indian Arts) the sponsoring organization of

the Santa Fe Indian Market.

At that time, SWAIA COO John Torres-Nez

unexpectedly resigned from that post and

immediately spearheaded formation of the

Indigenous Fine Art Market

that successfully

went head to head with the vaunted Santa

Fe Indian Market during the 2014 Santa Fe

Indian market weekend.

Flash forward to 2015. Dallin Maybee,

(Northern Arapaho/Seneca) an attorney,

assumed the helm of the SWAIA as COO.

Actually while trying to calm the turbulence

within the SWAIA association, the choppi-

ness under Maybee’s leadership has

increased as nearly 70 long time exhibiting

artists were slashed from the show, including

many previous Indian Market award


We were curious about why SWAIA literally

“dumped” previous major award winners,

who were consistent market attractions, from

the 2015 market. We asked, but we received

no response from SWAIA to our inquiries.

Likewise, the Indian Arts and Crafts Associ-

ation had no response to their own inquiries,

according to our sources.

Dawn Dark Mountain (Oneida), a fellow-

ship recipient of SWAIA and major SWAIA

honors winner was among those “boosted”

from the 2015 market.

Interestingly, Dawn currently serves as the

2015 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellow at the

School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe.

Dawn Dark Mountain also won a prestig-

ious award at the 2015 Invitational Native

Treasures Indian Art Market.

But you won’t see Dawn at the 2015 Santa

Fe Indian Market.

Clearly the Santa Fe Indian Market is off

balance, while demand to enter the John

Torres-Nez market has increased considera-

bly. The two markets run somewhat


We don’t know why SWAIA has thrown the

cream off the top of its market. We wonder

about its “reformulated” judging process,

whatever that may be.

What we do know is that there will be

around 1,000 artists showing at the 2015

Santa Fe Indian Market.

Perhaps fewer world class artists though.

Many have been given the boot.

Copper and Silver Is Cool...Very Cool. Very Fashionable.

Who would have thought? Copper and silver?

Well, Randy Secatero and his wife, Sylvana Apache certainly did

by combining copper and silver into a stunning collection of brace-

lets and belt buckles.

The hybrid bracelets are solid, with the cuff measuring a full 1/8”

thick, shaped into a perfect oval.

Each cuff is features an inset of sterling silver that is stamped with

a traditional design. They are available in a variety of sizes from

delicately feminine to manly man.

A feature that we particularly like is the price of the bracelets

which are typically well under the $200.00 mark. The buckles are just a bit higher priced.

These are about the coolest works to come along in contemporary American Indian art in a long,

long time. They make perfect, reasonably priced gifts for small people as well as linebackers.

You can find a great selection of this stunning work in our River Trading Post galleries, and on our