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Hopi art

is centered on Holy places and writing by means of pictures and symbols. Every detail in Hopi art is planned with

meaning and purpose.

Any communication is to be correct and effective, and must point towards the Divine, and bring our minds back to the surface.

All wisdom granted to mankind comes from light. All understanding in visions and dreams and all skills and learning comes from the

Creator. From the Creator comes the knowledge of all that exists of the past, present, and future.

To the Hopi, four is a number for mortality, and the Fourth World. Idiographic writing is the association of words with pictures of ob-

jects that represent Ideas.

A cloud symbol with vertical lines descending from it may represent rain, tears, or something sent from above. It is the substance of our


A mother is represented by an ear of corn. A perfect ear of corn whose tip ends in four full kernels is called a “mother corn.” Four, we

have learned represents mortality, Mother Earth, and so forth. So an ear of corn is an excellent symbol for mother and her offspring.

(Cycle of Life)

Eagle feathers signify the power which the eagle has to rise above the clouds and carry the prayers of the people with strength and speed

to the ear of the Great Spirits in the sky, in the Heavens.

The Downey feathers of the eagle represent the clouds, every natural thing has a parallel. What

does the Downey feather spiritually represent? (Heavens). Our elders consider clouds as “the

bottles of Heavens” - so I would say we have our spiritual guidance leading us wherever we go.

Arts of Native America

Augustine Mowa Jr. Provides Thoughts About Hopi Art.

Augustine Mowa Jr. is a Hopi jeweler, and kachina doll carver. He is Augustine Mowa III’s father, a teacher and a storyteller. Courtesy of Augustine

Mowa III.