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Phone: 866-426-6901

314 N. River Street

East Dundee, IL 60118









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1 5th Annua l Art s o f Na t ive Ame ri ca Show and

Sa l e . Ma r ch 1 -4.

For 14 years, River Trading Post has been the centerpiece of

Scottsdale’s famed

Native Spirit ArtWalk

which has become a

Scottsdale pre-Heard Indian Market tradition.

This year’s event kicks off on Thursday evening, March 1 at

6:30 pm, and continues through Sunday, March 4.

What makes this event special is that it has become a gathering

place where renowned artists, collectors and Native American

people join together to visit, share art, and enjoy a little frybread

— all to the pulse of American Indian drums.

If your plans include attending

the Heard Museum Guild Indi-

an Fair and Market, you defi-

nitely will want to include River

Trading Post’s annual Arts of

Native America Show and Sale

on your agenda.

Find out more on the River

Trading Post website.

Arts of Native America

Ji l l Shwa iko and Tanner Jensen Featured a t

Sco tt sda l e ’s We ste rn Spi r it ArtWa lk . Febr uar y 8 .

Have you ever walked through River Trading

Post in Scottsdale wondering who was be-

hind all those whimsical sheep — you know,

the ones laughing, running or dancing? Well

on February 8, from 6:30 to 9:00, during the

Western Spirit ArtWalk

, you will have a

chance to find out.

Jill Shwaiko

will be here

to visit with her collectors and the curious, so

you too can find out what inspires her. Why

does she paint mesas and sheep? Why do her sheep portray human

emotions? What is her connection with the rock art of the South-

west? Come meet the woman behind the sheep and find out!

Tanner Jensen

, one of the newest artists

to join the River Trading Post family,

will be joining Jill during the


Spirit ArtWalk

. Tanner specializes in

paintings of horses which capture the

raw energy and strength of the animal.

Visit with Tanner on February 8.