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“The reverence that the Japa-

nese culture has with the spirit

of nature was similar to the

Native American culture,” Car-

pio said. “Being surrounded by

so much water, this is what my

heart wanted to express.”

All of Carpio’s work is hand-

coiled, built from natural clay,

by the traditional methods, in a

striking contemporary style.

“We all have different ways to

pay homage to our Creator for

our existence, and my means of

paying honor is to create some-

thing beautiful that comes from

Mother Earth, from which we

all came,” Carpio said.

Creating beauty from a lump of

clay, Isleta native Caroline Car-

pio constantly strives to make

each piece of her art uniquely

her own.

Getting inspiration from her

surroundings, Caroline has

worked with clay for over 25

years and has more recently has

expanded her techniques to

include bronze sculpture.

She also translates select pot-

tery pieces into limited edition

bronzes. Her latest work,


of Life

, with flowing turquoise

heishi surrounding a flower-like

bowl, reflects her time spent in

Takeo, Japan, as a selected

participant in a prestigious art

and cultural exchange program.

Carpio said she thanks Clay

Mother for giving her the guid-

ance to understand her inner

spirituality and connection with

the land. “Part of my spirit is

in every piece. As I create my

breath consists of prayers, talk-

ing, laughing and singing to

myself, breaths of healing and

more predominantly breaths of

deep thoughts.”

River of Life,

a bronze edition of

30, as well as a wonderful selec-

tion of Caroline’s original pot-

tery, is available at all locations

of River Trading Post and at

Pueblo Arts in Scottsdale, as

well as



Arts of Native America

Caroline Carpio’s

River of Life

clay pottery, above, translates

beautifully into bronze, below.