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mous for producing different

styles of beautiful turquoise.

Turquoise is a semi-precious,

opaque mineral composed of

hydrated copper and aluminum


The value of turquoise is based

on a number of characteristics.

The density of the stone fore-

casts the deepness of the colors

and creates an increase in the

value. Another factor is the

matrix, or “veins” running

through the stone. Colors vary

from golden, black, white and

sienna, which give the stone its

own identity.

More copper leads to a bluer

stone, while more aluminum

Since the ancient Egyptians,

the heavenly hue of turquoise

has graced not only the necks of

Kings and Queens but also

adorned and protected the Na-

tives of the Southwest. They

call this semi-precious gem the

“sky stone” and have, over the

centuries, incorporated this

stone into their every day life.

Turquoise flourishes in arid

environments stretching from

the mountains of Persia, to

Central Asia to the deserts of

the Southwest. Some of the

most famous mines include

Number 8, the Lavender Pit

(Bisbee, Arizona), Morenci

(Arizona) and Lander Blue

(Nevada). Each mine is fa-

results in a greener shade. Add

a dose of iron pyrite or iron

oxide, and the result is a beauti-

ful matrix.

Natural turquoise is very fragile

and only fifteen percent can be

cut, polished and used. To

make turquoise suitable to work

with, the stones can be dyed,

reconstituted, stabilized, en-

hanced, oiled and waxed.

Treating turquoise is a very

normal process and is turquoise

priced accordingly.

Turquoise is a good investment

for any collection. Always be

on the lookout for a sky stone

calling your name.

Arts of Native America

The Stone Of The Sky has been

treasured by many people

throughout the ages.