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Arts of Native America

traditional manner, beginning

with a piece of cottonwood

root. For his paint, Raynard

grinds natural mineral pigments

into a very fine powder.

The results are colors of soft,

earthy hues that has become a

hallmark of Raynard’s work.

Upon completion of each piece,

Raynard signs the bottom with

his spider web signature.

His work has garnered many

awards, including 2006 Best of

Division at the Heard Museum

Indian Market.

You can see extensive collec-

tions of Raynard’s work in

each of our River Trading Post

galleries, and on our website.

One of our very favorite tradi-

tional kachina doll carvers is

Raynard Lalo. A younger old-

style carver, Raynard has be-

come one of today’s very finest.

Born in 1984, Raynard comes

from a tradition of Hopi art.

His father is renowned carver

and textile artist, Valjean Lalo,

and his mother is Dorleen

Gashweseoma, a matriarch of

contemporary Hopi basket


Today Raynard lives and works

his art in Hotevilla at Hopi.

A member of the Spider Clan,

Raynard has been an active

carver since 1998, having been

taught the art by his father.

His work is created in a very

Raynard Lalo carves at River

Trading Post in Scottsdale.

Raynard Lalo signs each of his

kachina dolls with

the spider web.

Broad Faced Kachina by

Raynard Lalo.

16 inches tall.