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13 M


Turtle clan people share a bond

with both of these and enjoy

helping things grow, plants and

people while enjoying their

freedom as a turtle would in the


An Abenaki grandfather

once showed his grandson how

to keep track of the changing

moons using the scales on the

back of the Turtle. In counting

the scales, the boy leaned that

there were thirteen scales.

Grandfather told the young boy

that each scale represents a

moon and that each moon has

twenty-eight days until a new


Each moon tells a specific story

about its season.

In the Creation story, the Earth

began to grow after the muskrat

brought mud from the bottom

of the sea and placed it on the

back of the Turtle. Life was

created from the earth.

The Turtle has all the responsi-

bility of the shifting earth and

the cycles of the moon.

The turtle is old, wise and well

respected; and teaches patience

and to never give up with the

use of strength and solidarity.

Turtle Clan people need a

strong base where they can live

and grow roots. They teach

patience and they are a creature

of two elements, earth and wa-


Abanaki writer Joseph Bruchac

has written a wonderful book

Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s Back

where you can learn more

about a Native American year

of moons. And, you can enjoy

the Turtle Clan art of Mark

Fischer at River Trading Post.

Arts of Native America

Turtle Clan artist, Mark Fischer (Oneida),

is an educator, a teacher and a featured

artist at River Trading Post.

An Abenaki grandfather shows

the 13 moons and 28 days

carried on Turtle’s back

Turtle Clan artist Mark Fischer

celebrates the 13 moons through

his Turtle Clan art.