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lectors. Each piece is created

with great attention to detail,

and Auggie uses only tradi-

tional paints in finishing each


Mowa says that he loves to

carve, because it is a part of the

Hopi culture and religion.

You can see an extensive col-

lection of Augustine Mowa

III’s work in our River Trading

Post galleries, and on our web-


And, if you visit our Scottsdale

gallery, you just might find this

exceptional carver hard at

work, doing what he loves best.

His work is found in the perma-

nent collections of the Heard

Museum and the Museum of

Northern Arizona, and he is

one of the “first twelve” to re-

vive the “Old Style” dolls.

Auggie is a descendant of the

Bear Clan, an extended leader-

ship family, on his mother’s

side. His father’s family in-

cludes important medicine peo-


As a youngster, Auggie grew up

surrounded by a family of carv-

ers, basketmakers and jewelers.

Because of the fine quality of

carving, painting and feather

work, Auggie’s kachina dolls

are highly sought after by col-

Arts of Native America

Augustine Mowa III puts the finishing

touches on an Old Style doll at River Trading

Post in Scottsdale.

Piki Eater,

by Augustine Mowa III, is a

great example of the colors, the detail and

the exceptional use of feathers in his Old

Style carvings.