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Cliff Fragua titled

Warmth On A Snowy Day.

His new work stands at just two

feet tall.

Warmth On A Snowy Day

is one

of a series of works that were

created at River Trading Post,

Scottsdale during his residency

with us.

A wide range of Cliff Fragua’s

magnificent work is on constant

display in each of our galleries,

as well as on our website.

The Master sketches a rough

outline of his vision onto a

heavy block of Utah Alabaster.

Then Cliff Fragua’s heart,

hands and soul help the alabas-

ter take form, shape and life.

In this instance, the artist was

thinking of a loving man and

woman on a blustery, frigid,

winter’s day on the high desert

surrounding his Jemez Pueblo.

Every cut, every chip, every

grind is precise and executed

with care, respect and attention

to beauty and detail. He works

to bring out the many colorful

hues and textures of the stone.

This work, when completed,

Arts of Native America