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Phone: 866-426-6901

314 N. River Street

East Dundee, IL 60118



in the many American Indian

cultures. There are differences

between the arts and culture of

the Navajo, Hopi, Oneida, Nez

Perce, Sioux, and the many

other tribes located in North


We also want to demonstrate

how the various tribal groups

have carried their cultures

throughout history to the vi-

brant and complex communi-

ties they are today.

Visitors to our galleries fre-

quently ask us, “Is this a mu-

seum?” In a way, maybe our

galleries are “museums” be-

cause of the diversity of won-

From Acoma through Zuni,

and from nearly everywhere in

between, River Trading Post

includes art and artifacts from

over 87 different tribal groups

in our collections.

As visitors browse our galleries,

or our website, they discover a

pretty amazing, and somewhat

unique, assembly of American

Indian art and artifacts. Some

objects were created over 900

years ago, and others were cre-

ated just yesterday.

The diversity of our collection

isn’t by accident. We believe

that it is important to expose

our visitors to the vast diversity

derful artistic and utilitarian

Native American objects found

at River Trading Post.

Kwakiutl, Paiute, Potawatomi,

Tusayan or Oneida, you will

find the most diverse collection


Original American

art and

artifacts at River Trading Post.

Perhaps we can help you to

create a museum of your very

own, right in your home, where

you can enjoy a bit of true origi-

nal America.

Arts of Native America

A 600 Year Old Salado Pitcher... remembered by Michael Kanteena

at Laguna Pueblo today.