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Native American basketry is fabulous work.  Willow, yucca, reeds, devil's claw, and other plants are used in conjunction with nature's colors to produce amazingly wonderful work.  Perhaps you will find a fine basket here for your collection of fine Native American art.

#8183s A perfect Apache figural olla circa 1910. 12.75" x 9" $5000  
#6685s San Juan Paiute Butterfly Basket by Rose Ann Whiskers 13" x 2" $1100 Sold
#6686s Navajo Day and Night Tray by Sally Black 16" $1100 Sold
#6709s Navajo Butterfly Tray by Mary H. Black 16.75" $1100 Sold
#6724s Old Style Navajo Basket with Cross Design by Fannie King 13.75" $800  
#6323s Yokuts polychrome basket, early 20th century.
Minor stitch loss on base.
4" x 8" $1900 Sold
#6324s Yokuts polychrome basket, early 20th century. 3" x 9" $1900  
#6325s Yokuts polychrome gambling tray. Turn of century. 1.25" x 17" $3800  
#6326s Tubatulabal polychrome basket.  Some rim damage.  Price is as is. 8.75" x 17" $3000 Sold
#6327S Washoe Polychrome degikup basket. Near perfect condition.  Pre-1935. 5" x 9.5" $3200  
#6328s Apache tray with figural and star pattern.  Late 1800's 3.75" x 11" $3200 Sold
#6329s Apache polychrome tray. Circa 1920's - '30's. 3.25" x 10.75" $2700 Sold
#6333s Large Apache olla. Late 1800's 20' X 15" $7800  

2336.JPG (71962 bytes)

#2336S Early 20th century Pima figural tray coiled of willow and devil's claw. 13" diameter $4700  

#3361F Havasupai plaque circa 1900. 12" diameter $2400 Sold

#4227 Havasupai Star Basketry Bowl 8.5" x 2.75" $690 Sold
#8297s Old 2nd Mesa plaque with large coils.  Circa 1920. 9.25"d $400  
#8294s Hopi coil plaque with Crowmother design.  Circa 1930. 15"d $600  
#8295s Old Hopi wicker plaque with Eagle design. 11.5"d $400  

#3352S Hopi coiled basketry bowl from around 1935 with Kachina and Mudhead designs. 5" x 12" $1500  
#8298s Hopi coil plaque with Mana design. 9.25"d $300  

#2990S Hopi burden basket of wicker by Dorleen Gashweseoma Lalo.  Winner of Best of Show at the Museum of Northern Arizona 72nd Hopi Show, 2005 16" x 17.5" $2000 Sold

#3225 Early 20th century Hopi yucca plaque.  Some rim wear. 14" diameter $175 Sold

394.JPG (34379 bytes)


Second Mesa Hopi basket by Regina Kagaveama.  Yucca woven in natural tones with yellow and red accents. 6 1/2 diameter x    4" h $690  

1719.JPG (63702 bytes)

#1719S A very fine Yavapai basketry tray from 1930.
12" x 2"

#8293s Apache plaque circa 1910. Some rim damage 11.5"d $750 Sold

1721.JPG (47798 bytes)

#1721F Small Pima basketry olla circa 1930 5" x 8" $800  

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