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We constantly are consigning fine Native American art and artifacts.  If you have an item that you wish  to consign to us, here are some considerations for you, and some steps that you can take. 

Please note that we do not consign flat art, such as paintings or photography, nor do we buy arrowheads or other stonework.  Nor do we consign art about Native Americans that is created by Non-Native Artisans.

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Contemporary Native American Art

We do not purchase pieces on the secondary market that have been created by living, or active artists. Our practice in this respect is to purchase directly from the artists in order to directly support their livelihood.

If you are an active Native American Artist and a registered member of a recognized tribal group, we will be happy to review your work, providing your art has previously been shown in juried events such as the Heard Museum Indian Market, the Santa Fe Indian Market or other such venue.

Antique Native American Art and Artifacts

We always are interested in fine old work (pre-1950's), to place on consignment. This includes Navajo weavings, pottery, jewelry,beadwork and such. We do not consign items such as arrowheads, or other stonework.

We require interested sellers to provide us with jpg images of the work, dimensions of the work, a statement of the condition of the work, and appropriate provenance of the work.  Upon receipt of this information, we will determine next steps in the process.