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A gift for yourself, or a gift for a friend, we have some great gift ideas that you will enjoy, including the  collection of, of all things, Mouse Rugs.  And, of course, Arbuckles' Coffee -- the coffee that "Won the West."  You will find a nice assortment of balms from Medicine of the People.

We hope you enjoy browsing our gifts.  You just might find something special for a friend, or for yourself. 

Build a Herd of Turtles

These little guys are really fun.  Created by renowned Oneida (Turtle Clan) sculptor Mark Fischer.
Have a Herd of Your One...or For Someone Special.  Each one comes to you in a special pouch with the story and maning of  the Turtle.  The little turtles are made of copper and measure about 1.5" x 1.5". Each is hand made by Mark Fischer, so dimensions are variable. 

Each Turtle is just $35.00.  Order Your Herd Today!  And Let Us Know How Many You Want!
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Copper and Sterling Bracelets...Very Cool

Fit for a delicate wrist, or that of a linebacker, these copper and sterling braclets make wonderful, and very affordable gifts.

Created by Randy Secatero and wife Sylvana Apache, these bracelets make the perfect authentic Native American gift without breaking your pocketbook.

See our complete collection.

Turtle Woman Note Cards by Carly Bordeau


A beautiful collection of hand made notecards by Ojibwe artist Carly Bordeau. Each card is 5" x 7", delivered in a sealed wrap with an envelope for mailing to your favorite person.

See Carly's collection of greeting cards.





White Flower Photography by Debbie Lujan

Taos Pueblo through the lens of photographer Debbie Lunajan in a series of greeting cards, each with a wonderful 3" x 6" print, suitable for framing.

See our Entire Debbie Lujan collection of greeting cards.


Greeting Cards by Dawn Dark Mountain


Created by renowned Oneida artist, Dawn Dark Mountain,
these beautiful note cards express the rich tradition
and heritage of the Oneida culture
See our Dawn Dark Mountain Collection


We're convinced that you will absolutely love these Mouse Rugs.  You see them in the finest museum shops all over the country, and they available available to you right here at River Trading Post.

They are great mouse pads, and more.  They make wonderful tabletop decorations as well.

One series consists of reproductions of the famous Pendleton Blanket designs.  The others are licensed from two of America's leading museums.

Each measures 7 1/4" x 10 1/2", and each costs just $19.95 (Click on an image to get a better look.)

Chief Joseph



Bessie Barber
From The Gloria F. Ross Collection of the Denver Art Museum


Zapotec Red


American Indian Dolls

1193.JPG (30145 bytes)

What great gifts these little characters make.  Wonderful contemporary and antique dolls from all over Native America. 
Visit our Doll Collection, and invite one into your home.

Arbuckles' CoffeeArbuckles' Ariosa Coffee
"The coffee that won the west"

This is the great Arbuckles' Coffee that is served up at River Trading Post.  It is the coffee that has been around chuck wagons, ranch kitchens and frontier dining rooms for over 100 years.

Old John Arbuckle even put sticks of candy in his bags of coffee back in the 1870's.  The chuck wagon cooks used the candy as an incentive to get their cowboys to grind the next day's supply of coffee beans.

Now you can enjoy the full bodied, aromatic "Coffee that won the west" right in your own home.  Enjoy the sunrise.

One version only - caffeine, beans.

Price: $19.95/lb.

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Native American Herbal Tea

For our tea loving friends we have six very special blends of natural ingredients.  They are created and packaged by Native Americans. Each package contains12 tea bags.  They make a great gift for a friend, or for yourself.  Why not try them all?
Each box is just $4.



Warrior's Brew
Orange Pekoe, Orange Peel, Rose Hips, Coriander, Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosemary and Star Anise.
Caffeine in this tea.
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Teepee Dreams
Peppermint, Chamomile, Catnip, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Strawberry Leaf and Scullcap.
Caffeine Free
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Chief's Delight
Strawberry Leaf, Myrtle Leaf, Blackberry Leaf, Rose Hips and Juniper Berry.
Caffeine Free
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Victory Tea
Wild Cherry Bark, Rose Hips, Orange Peel, Hibiscus Flowers, Spearmint Leaf, Lemon Grass and Natural Flavors.
Caffeine Free
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Good Medicine
Spearmint, Gota Kola, Wood Betony, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Leaves, Ginseng Leaf, Natural Flavors.
Caffeine Free
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Indian Love Tea
White Oak Bark, Muira Puama, Ginger Root, Damiana, Rosemary, Angelica Root, Marjoram, Celery Seed, Missouri Snake Root, Ginseng Leaf and Natural Flavors.
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Navajo Balms from Medicine of the People

Virgina Boone is Navajo, and for fifteen years she has turned the traditional herbal medicine of her people into Medicine of the Peopleā€”a line of balms, lotions, teas and other natural products. The idea may seem like a tightrope-walk: selling the fruits of sacred knowledge without compromising tribal traditions. But Boone says she's simply carrying on her family's work, which is to bring healing to anyone who needs it.

Each 3/4 ounce tin is just $11.00

Relieves discomfort associated with Eczema, Psoriasis and dry cracking skin.

The Greasewood in this ointment has a pure earthy scent, like the desert after it has rained.

Greasewood is also called Chaparral or Creosote bush.  It has many healing qualities and is useful in relieving the symptoms of Eczema and Psoriasis.  Other beneficial ingredients like African Shea butter, Hawaiian Kukui nut oil and Avocado oil add nourishing, healing qualities of their own.  This ointment is also good for healing dry cracking skin, skin rash and athletes foot.

Organic ingredients:  Sunflower, Calendula, Jojoba, Coconut and Avocado oils.

Wildcrafted ingredients:  Chaparral, Shea nut butter (fair trade) & Kukui nut oil.

Also contains Bees wax and Vit. E.


Alleviates pain, swelling and itch of insect bites.

The Navajo herbs (proprietary blend) in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of insect bites.  The salve can be rubbed directly into the bite.  It is best to wash the area first to remove any poison on the surface of the skin.  For relief from mosquito bites, apply small amount several times if needed.  For spider bites, keep applying until the wound is healed.

In traditional way the herbs were made into an infusion that was applied directly to the affected area to help draw the poison out.

Organic ingredients:  Sunflower, Calendula, Jojoba & Coconut.

Wildcrafted:  Navajo herbs (proprietary blend), Fair Trade African Shea butter.

Also added:  Bees wax and Vit. E

Heals dry lips and awakens the senses.

Aromatic, refreshing and stimulating "Happy Peppermint" and his friends wild Hawaiian Kukui nut and Macadamia nut, will make your lips feel like the "life of the party".  Seriously, this lip balm has to be experienced to be enjoyed.

Organic ingredients: Sunflower oil, Calendula, golden Jojoba.

note: Kukui nut oil made from wild crafted nuts (not certified organic).

Macadamia nut oil (conventionally grown, naturally extracted).

Bees wax (from very pure source).

Preservative: Vit. E

Cooling antiseptic for relief from sun burns, minor cuts, burns, and scrapes.

The Navajo people for the treatment of serious burns and infections use Pinon Sap. It is applied in its raw form directly to the affected area.  The dressing is changed everyday.

The Pinon Sap in our salve is mixed with wild crafted Shea butter and bees wax.  It is useful as a general purpose antiseptic for minor skin issues.

Organic ingredients: Sunflower oil, Calendula, Coconut and Golden Jojoba.

Preservative:  Vit. E

Happiness and Harmony

An aromatherapeutic balm that heals a variety of minor skin ailments.

Sage is sacred to us as Indian people we use it in many ways.  It can be drank as a tea for the stomach or burned for blessing.  It is also used ceremonially.

The combination of purifying Sage, calming Lavender and healing Juniper reminds us of the Navajo Beauty way.  The Beauty way is the Navajo equivalent of the Tao, it signifies the harmony of balance in the universe.

Organic ingredients: Sunflower oil, Calendula, Coconut and Jojoba.

Conventionally grown, naturally processed Hawaiian Macadamia nut oil.

Also added:  Bees wax. & Vit. E

Mind-Body & Spirit!

An aromatherapeutic balm that heals a variety of minor skin ailments.

The smell and feel of this balm comes from the purifying spirit of Sage, the mind calming scent of Lavender and the enlivening resonance of sweet Orange.  Every time you open a tin, breathe in deeply; it will remind you that enlightenment is possible.

Sage grows wild across much of Navajo land.  It is gathered several times a year by us, dried and than stored for later use.  Sage has anti microbial properties and can be brewed into a tea that is taken for food poisoning.

This is a "general purpose" balm that can be used on dry lips, skin and other minor irritations.

Organic ingredients:  Sunflower, Calendula, Jojoba and Coconut oils.

Conventionally grown:  Naturally processed Hawaiian Macadamia nut oil.

Also added:  Bees wax and Vit. E

May relieve discomfort associated with arthritis.

The Navajo herbs (proprietary blend)* in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of sore joints and can be used to relax tight muscles.  The salve can be rubbed directly into affected areas.  It can also be applied with heat like a hot towel, heating pad or after a hot shower or bath.  In traditional way the herb was used in conjunction with the sweat lodge.

Organic ingredients: Sunflower, Calendula, Golden Jojoba and Coconut oils.

Wildcrafted ingredients: Navajo Herb (proprietary blend), * African Shea butter.

Also added Bee's wax and Vitamin E

*The Traditional Navajo herb blend in this product is a proprietary blend of Medicine of the People therefore we have not provided common or scientific information.

An aromatic balm that heals dry lips and a variety of minor skin ailments.

The healing properties of this balm come from White Sage and Sagebrush.  Together they make this the strongest of our three Sage balms.  Inhale the scent deeply when tin is opened than rub into temples.  White sage purifies the spirit and awakens the senses making this "travel" balm a must have for your next journey!

This balm can also be used on dry lips, skin and other minor irritations.

Organic ingredients:  Sunflower, Calendula, Jojoba and Coconut oils.

Wild crafted:  White sage, sage brush and Fair trade Shea butter.

Also added Bee's wax and Vitamin. E


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