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River Trading Post was conceived and implemented by a fellow named Joe Zeller after he retired, in 2000,  after over forty years in the advertising agency business.  Since the early '60's Zeller was an executive at several leading ad firms including J. Walter Thompson and D'Arcy.  He helped to develop advertising campaigns for many top American companies, including Kraft Foods, Procter and Gamble, Ford, Seven-Up and many others.Joe Zeller [Joe Zeller photo, left, by New York Times]

During those years, Zeller became an avid collector of Native American art, especially art of the Navajo, Hopi, and other Pueblo people.  He knows the four-corners area like the back of his hand, having traveled and photographed the area extensively.  He is the author and editor of one of the top websites devoted to Native America, Native American Images

Joe's idea behind River Trading Post was actually to share his enthusiasm for fine Native American art, and artifacts, with others who have a similar passion for fine Native American works. He'll tell you that his idea is to assemble one of the finest collections of Navajo weavings, Hopi Kachina dolls, Pueblo pottery and Plains Indian work, and to offer items from the collection at prices that represent absolutely solid values for the collector. (Don't ever ask Joe if he gives a discount.)

Today, River Trading Post galleries can be found in Dundee, Illinois and Scottsdale, Arizona where they are among the very top galleries in each town. And, since its beginning, the River Trading Post website has become the most popular website worldwide for collectors of fine Native American Art.

River Trading Post has become a place in its short history that importantly contributes to the livelihood of many of today's leading contemporary artists, to the future of tomorrow's young Native American people, and to our collectors (either novice or advanced) by linking them with the beauty of Native America and all of its diverse people.

Joe also believes that people purchasing from the River Trading Post website ought to be able to put a face on who they are dealing with.  That's why his picture is shown here.  Joe also strictly adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association and to the strict regulations of the
 Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit a River Trading Post in person, you will find a warm welcome, wonderful folks to help you enjoy your visit with us, and the ever present cup of Arbuckle's Cowboy Coffee.  If you choose to visit our website, you will find the same warm welcome, sadly, without the Arbuckle's Cowboy Coffee.

And, it you ever want to jot a note to us just send an e-mail to Joe Zeller.  Joe always takes the time to read the mail, and to get back to you personally.

River Trading Post proudly belongs to the leading professional Indian Art associations including:

IACA - Indian Arts and Crafts Association
ATADA - Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association

We abide by the bylaws of each to assure our collectors of our product integrity.  Click below to visit the websites of each association to learn more.

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