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Zuni fetishes are a very important part of our collection, not only because of their inherent beauty, but because they help us connect with ancient traditions from which they have sprung.  As we learn about  Zuni fetishes, and the lessons they can teach us, we can easily be reminded of a power greater than ourselves.

We are proud to offer you two full Zuni fetish pages that include the works of some of the most important Zuni carvers today.  (Be sure to click on an image to see an enlargement of your favorite Zuni fetishes.)  To see the meaning of your favorite Zuni fetishes, just click here. And learn about the materials used to create Zuni Fetishes.


Zuni Fetishes #010413 Lena Boone Serpentine Bear 2" x 2.75" $80
#040413 Fabian Tsethlikai Gypsum White Buffalo 1.5" x 2.5" $95
#041111 Jayne Quam Turquoise Badger 1" x 2" $65 Sold
#041010 Lena Boone Orange Alabaster Badger .5" x 1.5" $35 Sold
#051010 Kenny Chavez Fluroite Badger .5" x 2.25" $40
#080413 Russell Shack Black Marble Buffalo 1.5" x 2.5" $80
#080512 Daphne Neha Black Marble Turtle .25" x 2.25" $50 Sold
#091014 Kenny Chavez Sandstone Bear 2.5" x 1.25" $42
#100413 Lena Boone Onyx Badger 1" x 3" $50
#10110 Arvella Cheama Picasso Marble Owl 1.5" x 2" $140 Sold
#111014 Terrence Martza Antler Bear 2" tall $42
#110413 Stewart Quandelacy Serpentine Medicine Bear 1.75" x 1.75" $90 Sold
#111111 Leland Boone Calcite Bear 1.25" x 2" $60
#140512 Claudia Peina Antler Dancing Bear 3.5" tall $80 Sold
#140408 Lena Boone Alabaster
1.25" x 3.25" $60
#161111 Jonas Hustito Serpentine Moose 1.25" x 2" $80
#190609 Rosella Shack Black Marble Owl 1" x 1.5" $40 Sold

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Aaron and Thelma Seche/ Kucate Collection

Since the 1880's this Zuni family has produced fetishes that were not for sale to the public, but were gathered by the Smithsonian for historic records. 

Thelma carried on the Kucate family tradition into the 1960's and 1970's. 

Thelma Sheche’s father, Theodore Kucate, in the 1880’s made the fetishes that Frank Cushing used in his notes to the Smithsonian.
Aaron and Thelma Sheche
Aaron and Thelma are represented in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Following is an exclusive collection of Zuni Fetishes created by Thelma and her late husband Aaron, and the Kucate/Sheche Family from the1960's and 1970's.

Kucate/Sheche family #6641s Serpentine ram with a cowery shell Pack.
From the Kucate/Sheche family
#6642s Grey banded serpentine bobcat.
From the Kucate/Sheche family - circa 1960-1970s
2 5/8"
Aaron and Thelma Seche #6643s Slate wolf with pack
Aaron and Thelma Sheche
#6645s Green serpentine bear by
Aaron and Thelma Sheche
Circa 1960 - 1970s.
2 1/8"
#6647s Orange calcite and alabaster. From the Kucate/Sheche family - Circa 1960-1970s
1 3/4" Sold
#6648s Pipestone wolf with pack
Aaron and Thelma Sheche
Circa 1960-1970s.
3 1/4" Sold
#6683s Pink and grey jasper turtle.
From the Kucate/Sheche family - circa 1960-1970s

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